A Taste of some of our Red Wines!

Morasutti Merlot
-Vivid ruby red color, typical and fresh sinous aroma

 Robert Mondari Private Selection Merlot
-Luscious layer of berry, plum and spice with light oak nuances from barrel-aged

 Blackstone Merlot
-Tammy fruit, rich supple black cherry fruit frames by toasted oak

Morasutti Carbernet Savignon
Smooth and full bodied with berry flavors and oak

Dunnenwood Carbernet Savignon
Full of rich consis and spice flavor.The flavorful deep fruit is balanced by soft, supple tannins

Rodney Strong Carbernet Savignon
Aromas of berry, plum and oak, smoothly textured with a vanilla and toasted oak finish

Palagetto Colli Senest Chianti
-A balanced wine with cherry, rasberry and currant

Piccini Chianti DOCG
-A bright cherry red wine with fresh fruit aromas and tastes of cherries and rasberries

Amella Montepulciano & Abrusso
A medium bodies red wine with velvet fruit and soft tannis